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Greetings Everyone! Swifty and Hammo is looking for a few good members!

We find that we are fortunate to have been missed by the impending axe of doom hanging over us all, and we do not have to move. Now, although we are very sorry that so many folks do have to move, we want to make something good out of it. So if you have come from near or far and find yourself looking for a home, we want to ask that you consider Swifty and Hammo.

The kin has a very good, caring group of players that help each other. We are a friendly age 18+ kin, but welcome children of our active members.

We run instances whenever we can and have a planned events night on Friday nights. We would like to increase this so we offer more scheduled events to get all our members a chance to group and complete content. We use Ventrilo and members are always welcome to chat whether they are doing instances or just want to hang in vent and chat with others. We will not put up with drama of any kind.

We do not require that you have all your characters in S & H, nor are there any requirements on play time or what you do. We are happy to craft or share materials as we can. 

Wulfy and I are co-leaders and we or our officers are happy to answer any questions you have. Many of our members have been here for a long time and are happy to answer questions also. 

This kin started in April 2007 and we plan on being here till the ring is melted, so come take a look, we would be happy to have more friends in our family-like group.

Gilderbrand, the hungry hobbit! and Wulfy the one constantly re-stocking the pantry :-P
Our officers are Alasse, Pelagor, and Damworth

Feel free to shout out in World Chat if any Swifty's are on, we're more than happy to help as best we can.

About Swifty and Hammo

Swifty & Hammo is a casual kinship that raids and sees everything in the game. We are in no rush to be 'first' and there are no pressures to level quickly nor do we require you to log in a certain amount of time. Take your time and enjoy Middle-Earth and don't forget to stop and smell eat the pie!

Swifty & Hammo Kin cheering another great day!
We welcome new players as well as veterans of LOTRO and you will find it a simple matter to get help with that troublesome quest. Raiding is open to all members as long as you use our Raid signup tool.

Swifty & Hammo is also well-known for our server events. We host public trivia contests, parades, races, and lots of ale and pipeweed.

Swifty & Hammo Kin on Parade!
If you are a mature individual and think you would be a good fit with Swifty & Hammo, feel free to fill out our application today!

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