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re: Guide to Non-Combat Pets for Lore-masters

(Original post by Kalegar )
Source for updates to the guide:

The book 11 patch has introduced new pets for lore-masters - the lynx, and some on the more cuddly side. This is a guide to the non-combat pets introduced in this book.


* Must have completed book 2 of the epic series
* Must be at least level 24, preferably much higher
* Must have the passive skill/trait "Friend of the Wild," granted after completing a 3-part quest given by Radagast the Brown.

The Quest:
If you are not level 40+, you will want to bring friends as you will encounter level elite mobs around the level 30 range. Speak with any lore-master trainer. He or she will direct you to speak with Radagast the Brown, who would like your help in continuing to help the poor creatures of Agamaur. Go to the Eglain incampment inside Agamaur (not Ost Guruth) and enter Radagast's tower. Radagast well send you on a quest to find a lost hare west of the entrance to Garth Argawen. The hare is tucked around a corner by the northernmost gate to Garth Argawen (Picture). Use the scroll Radagast gives you to summon the hare, then simply run back to Radaghast. You have a 5-minute time-limit.Next, Radagast will tell you to rescue a turtle in the Northwestern parts of Agamaur. He is in a small tree-stump next to some walled ruins in the northwestern corner (Picture). Again, you have a 5-minute time-limit to run back to Radagast. Finally, you are asked to rescue a sparrow in the middle of the red swamp of the west parts of Agamaur. The sparrow is in a tree surrounded by water (Picture). Lead the sparrow back in 5 minutes and you have completed all of his tasks.

Quest Rewards:

* New Title: "Friend of the Wild"
* New Passive Skill: "Friend of the Wild"
* New Skill: "Rabbit-Speech"

The Pets:

* Hare: Obtained by quest given by Radagast the Brown
* Sparrow: Reputation item from the Elves of Rivendell (requires Kindred standing)
* Turtle: Reputation item from the Mathom Society (requires Ally standing)
* Dog: World drop (Found in: Goblin Town)
* Cat: World drop (Found in: Goblin Town from the Goblin King)
* Snake: World drop (?)
* Squirrel: World drop (found in the Rift chests)
* Fox: World drop (found in Goblin Town and found in the Rift chests)

Things you should know about your pet:

* You can rename your small pet by clicking on them and typing /pet rename petnamehere (Thanks Felic!)
* Your non-combat pet will replace your regular combat pets if you have it out, so be sure to de-summon your non-combat pet before you plan to fight! You cannot have both non-combat and combat pets out at once.
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