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re: Welcome to the new and improved home of Swifty & Hammo!

Swifty & Hammo is moving to a shiny new website with some terrific new features including a calendar for scheduling raids, instances, fellowship quests or even in-game events. Your toons' gear and stats are imported directly from and we even have mini-games for members. Here are the steps to gain full access to the website's features:

First go to and create an account with GuildLaunch.

Click the Create New Account link in the upper left-hand corner of the homepage to get to the create an account or login page. If you already have an account with GuildLaunch, login otherwise follow the instructions to create a new account. You will need to provide a valid email address, a user name and a password.
NOTE: Usernames in the GuildLaunch database span all MMOs they service so you may receive an error stating the username is taken. If you want to use your name simply modify it by using +, *, or any other change to make it different. For example my username “Dazy” was taken so I changed my username to “-Dazy-”.

At Step 2 you will check the Yes I would like to get member level access or become a member radio button then click Continue button.

If you are already a member, at Step 3 you will submit a Launch Code to bypass Step 4 - the application process. Type in the Launch Code you received in your in-game mail (or ask any officer or member in-game) then click the Submit Launch Code button.

At Step 5 you will see a confirmation that you have created an account. IMPORTANT: You will receive an email from Guildlaunch to confirm your account. Until you confirm your account you will not be able to fully access the functions of our site. If you don't receive an email within a few minutes, check your Spam folder.

Copy the Confirmation Code from the email then click the link in the email. You will be taken to the Swifty and Hammo site. Paste the Confirmation Code in the Activation Code box then click the Confirm Code button to confirm your account.

You should receive a “Thank you” message page. To get started with the site, click the User Profile link in the upper right-hand corner of the page.

To get the most of this site...

Scroll down to the Edit Your Profile Info section. If you had to change your username because it was already taken, here is where you can change your forum name to your regular name. Click the Update Forum Name, Password, Email and Other Account Info button in the Account Settings section. If you wish to change any information, click the Edit button then make your changes and click the Update button.

Next be sure to change the time zone to match YOUR time zone. For example, for EST use GMT-5, for PST use GM-8. If your state uses Daylights Savings Time be sure to check that box. To save your changes click the Save Signature, Language and Time Zone button (it's located under the large, white forum signature editing box).

If you want to add a forum signature, avatar(s) etc., just follow the instructions. We strongly suggest your signature and/or forum name indicate your main toon so everyone knows who posted what. Linneax found a fun site for avatars you can use. Click the Hammiki link in the Main Menu on the left side of the page to get to the link and follow the instructions.

Scroll down and update the General Forum Options section and click the Update Notification and Email Settings button. If you would like, update your birthday information. Your age is not shown to the public. This will simply add your birthday to the calendar.

And finally, our kinship roster has been imported automatically. So click the Kinship Roster link in the Main Menu on the left side of the page. This takes you to the roster page where our members are listed alphabetically. On the far right side of the table is the Claim column. Locate each of your toons and click the Claim link in that column and confirm your selection(s).

Our old site will no longer be available after June 4, 2010 so...
...if there are posts or images at the old site that you would like to keep, feel free to copy/paste them or upload the images as needed. We are paying for 500mb of storage so we decided to not move everything from the old site and to leave it to you, the members, to decide what to keep.

We hope you enjoy the new home of Swifty & Hammo and ask all of you to help us make this site a fun and useful tool.


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