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re: Yellow line Anthem - What do you use?

As a newly 75 minstrel, I decided I will heal most fellowship and raid content in melody but traited 4 yellow 3 blue, and become a buffer/healer (it must be because my main is a captain). Happy

With all the bells (class traits) and whistles (+10 second anthem duration LI), I have a 5 second anthem cooldown and a 30 second anthem duration. Technically, if I did nothing but watch the anthem cooldown on the MinstrelBuff lua plugin, I could keep up 5-6 anthems at once, but realistically I can keep up 3-4. For info on the plugin:

Right now, the ones I use (generally in this order) are anthem of prowess (-10% attack duration, + armor, and + evade), anthem of the third age (+ 10% outgoing healing and -25% inductions), anthem of the free peoples (+vitality and + ICMR), and anthem of composure (+tact mitigation and + resistance). I also like the large power over time (over 1500 power) available when I use the coda with anthem of composure.

What are your anthem favorites? Do they vary by instance/raid?

I haven't found a need to use anthem of compassion. I use anthem of war in situations where very minimal healing is needed. I think its power has been nerfed by the ROI combat engine. For someone with +100% damage bonus from mastery, adding +10% to increase damage from 200% to 210% is really only a +5% boost.

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re: Yellow line Anthem - What do you use?

Personally I've tried a lot of different builds for healing but for raids I've found that I really like the Watcher line. After lots of tweaking I came up with this build and I don't feel a need to change because it works really well in every situation I've come across.

I trait in the Watcher of Resolve (Blue) and here's why:

    * Subtle Movements which makes Bolster Courage, my bread and butter heal, immune to interrupts due to damage

    * Graceful Demeanor for the significantly improved rez which allows me to move on to the next task at hand and not have to heal the rezee immediately in order for them to get back into the fight – also the -5min cooldown on Rally is nice

    * Improved Raise The Spirit which removes the cool down, halves the induction and increases the healing on my #2 healing skill

    * Focused Performance for -10% induction for all skills

    * Silver Tongue for the +25% healing on all Crits

and add 2 from the Protector of Song (Yellow) - for the -60s cool down on Call To Greatness

    * Glorious Anthem which increases all Anthem durations by 5 seconds

    * Lyrics of Bravery for the +300 to all Resistances and +450 to Tactical Mitigation

I keep the Major Ballad, Minor Ballad and Perfect Ballad up constantly to be able to rotate between

    * Anthem of War - when healing is not an issue I increase physical, tactical and ranged DPS by 5%

    * Anthem of the Third Age- when I need to pump up the healing +10% healing and -25% inductions

    * Anthem of the Free Peoples - when my entire group is taking heavy damage this boosts their Vit and ICMR to take some of the pressure off healing

    * Anthem of Composure - In Boss fights for the +s to Resistance and Tactical Mitigation

I keep my Coda of Vigor in reserve for a quick emergency heal.

Normally I will use Call To Greatness whenever it's available and I'll put it on the captain or if extra healing is needed I'll put it on myself.

I like to keep the Melody of Battle on either the Guardian or the Captain for the +300 Parry


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