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re: Yule Festival Eating Contest: Tips and Tricks!

Ello Kinfolk!

I think we've either seen or encountered some tough obstacles when doing the Yule Fest eating contest. So I decided to give some helpful tips and tricks to hopefully help those interested in getting the Feast-Beast title. Feel free to add your own insight on how to increase everyones chances of succeeding at this tough event.

#1 - Group up with a hunter for speed buffs if possible, it will help.
#2 - Don't leave the 1st table till your debuffs have worn off. Since theres no timer on that table, it will help to start 2nd table with an empty stomach not to mention, less competition for small foods from other players.
#3 - Eat Berries, Mushrooms and Eggs when available, even if you can spare a few seconds for them to spawn on the table again. I've noticed that when you start eating a piece of bread when nothing else is available, it usually forces small food items to spawn. Depending on how far along I am on eating the bread, I usually stop eating it and go eat the smaller food items.
#4 - As for the Mystery Drinks, they can be a boon or a curse, but I always drink them when available. As long as you have atleast 20 seconds left on your current tables timer, drink it cause the debuff from it, if your unlucky enough to get it will wear off before timer ends. So wait as long as you can before moving to next table to let that debuff wear off.

Thats pretty much everything I've learned to help with completing this event and it helped me to attain the Feast-Beast title.

Archonias / Rhojan
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