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re: For your consideration...

Not everyone has the same taste in music but I am going to throw out a request for 4 tunes. (not toons... although that might be next)

I am going to post *my* instructions on how to do this, rather post how I do it and let you see if that helps... for those of you that do not have a clue.

First I locate my music folder in lotro. If you get to a place where you have a ui folder and no music folder you probably need to make one. I have done this in xp and win2k and now figured it out on win 7. Ok I didnt figure it out on win 7. I did something by accident and now I have a music folder that works.

Next I open that folder. (everyone should be able to do this if you have a music folder)

Then I find notepad and open that. So I now have a blank notepad, and maybe a blank music folder open on my computer.

Now I go to and if I hadn't already read the tutorial I would do that next...

Assuming you have read, will read later if needed, or just wanna know what I do next, I make sure I am in the songbook page with all the little listings.

Here is where I am going to make my first song request: Concerning hobbits. You will note, or maybe you won't, there are several versions of this song. what to do...?

at the top of the page is a box to enter an artist or song name and hit the search button. In the artist page type howard shore then hit search. You should have a plethora of songs from one or more of the lotr films. If you look at the top row you should see a header called pts, or parts. If you click on that header you will sort the current selections by the number of parts in the selection. The first 3 have 8 parts. I would dearly love to hear minas morgul if we dont play it....

Now comes the hard part. If you click on the song title, concerning hobbits, you will see windows(?) of the song as arranged.

put your cursor in the middle of one of the boxes, noting the part name just above the box, then right click. You should get an option that says, "select all". click that.

Right click again and copy your selection

go to your open notepad window and paste here.

SAVE AS: whateverwillallowyoutorememberthesongnameandpart.

as in... hobbitslute

If you save it as a text file you do not have to type the .abc extension in the game.

now go to the game and type /music followed by /play hobbitslute

Rinse and repeat:

RIGHT CLICK song window from fatlute and SELECT ALL
OPEN notepad
RIGHT CLICK notepad window and
SELECT ALL **** important pooh
SAVE AS... <namethatfile> Your previous save should popup so you should be able to keep track of multi copies of the same song... in case you cant make up your mind which toon you want to use

start from RIGHT CLICK with the next song

Hardest thing to remember is select all in the notepad. If you dont select all, just clear the whole notepad. As long as you dont save the mess you created as anything you have no issues. (if you clear and save with the previous file name you obviously have erased your song. You'll figure that out the first time you try to play it.

Now, the songs I would really love to hear is, of course, Concerning Hobbits, and The White Tree. That song is the one you hear when they fire up the torches at Minas Tirith and travel across the mountains to Rohan. (no comments about the guys who have been living there waiting for the fires to light for decades...) I would also like to hear Minas Morgul, as I mentioned as... well it has 8 parts. Almost forgot the ride of the rohirim... I didnt rehearse that at all, though.

I've played most of these to see if they sync. They do but they dont have one instrument that carries the melody. Meaning, if you thing you will hear the full song or full harmony, you would be wrong. There are lots of 'rests' for all the instruments I've used on Hobbits.

As far as rehearsal goes, we should have some things to load up before the rehearsal because some of these selections might not sound the way they are supposed to. Just because they are there doesn't mean they are good arrangements. not sure if this will link up properly but maybe it will help someone
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