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re: Update 10 Official Patch Notes


Of Special Note
Mithril Coins are now available.
Instance loot has been revamped.
Warden's have received a change to their primary stat. Wardens will now have Agility as their primary stat.
Critical Defence Changes
Monster Play

The amount of Critical Defence provided by the innate Armour Passive has been reduced. We wanted to create more parity between Freep and Creep access to Critical Defence and felt that the base values were so high they did not encourage investment in Critical Protection Corruptions.
The amount of Critical Defence provided by Critcial Protection Corruptions has been increased to 1376 per Corruption.
Critical Rating Revision
Critical Rating now increases both chance to critically hit and the magnitudes of both your critical and devastating critical hits. Critical Hit chance caps or conversion rates have not been altered by this change.
All skills (unless otherwise stated in the skill) have a base 1.5x Critical Damage and 2.0 Devastating Critical Damage. Critical Rating now adds to those values.
Critical Defence's conversion rate to Critical Damage Reduction has been modified to be a counter stat to Critical Rating. Players will see a reduction in their current Critical Defence values as we intend for itemization to play a stronger role in this system.
Critical Defence will now be available on Armour, Jewelry, and Shields for all classes.
Critical Defence for mobs
Signature or Greater mobs now have Critical Defence with the amount increasing based on mob type.
Monster Play: Critical Defence
Due to alterations in the Critcial Defence conversion rate, Creeps will see a significant reduction in their base Critical Defence values. We feel this a good change as the Live values are so high that Creeps need not utilize the Critical Protection Corruptions.
Rank 1 Armour Passive now grants 800 instead of 600 Critical Defence
The amount of Critical Defence provided by Critcial Protection Corruptions have been increased to 1376 per Corruption.
Critical Effect Revision
For effects delivered by skills: If the skill delivery is Critical or Devastating, then the applied effects will always crit; if the skill does not crit, then the applied effects will never crit.
Note: This change applies to instant effects, and to the initial pulse of damage-over-time effects (DoTs) and healing-over-time effects (HoTs). Subsequent pulses of DoTs and HoTs will roll for critical effect just as before.

Fate/Power Revamp
Fate has undergone a rather large revamp and should now provide much more noticeable effects on ICPR and OCPR as players stat into it. Will and Power have also undergone noticeable changes, as Will will no longer contribute to players' power pools or OCPR. Instead, players will receive an increased amount of Power at each level, and all skill costs will now be based on a percentage of this power. Each class has also undergone adjustments to their overall power consumption/restoration rates in an attempt to normalize combat longevity.

NEW instances are now available
The Bells of Dale (6 Player)
Flight to the Lonely Mountain (12 player)
The Fires of Smaug (12 Player)
The Battle for Erebor (12 Player)
In Their absence
All of the instances in the “In their Absence” instance cluster can now be scaled from level 65*85.
Several MTX buffs now have stackable durations

Using one of these items again before the first item's duration has elapsed will increase the buff's duration by the normal duration of the buff. For example, using two +25% Mark Acquisition (90 min) will give you 3 hours of buff duration. This affects the following Store buffs:

+10% Run Speed Boost (90 min)
Scroll of Max Morale and Power (90 minutes)
+5% Attack Damage (90 min)
+25% Mark Acquisition (90 min)
Tome of Extraordinary Experience
Tome of Accelerated War-steed Training
Slayer and Skill Deed Boost (90 min)
Tome of Defence
+20% Renown (3 hours)
+20% Infamy (3 hours)

It’s the little things.
“Forced” Emotes
"Enable Involuntary Emotes" has been added to your social options panel. This option is set to “enable” by default. Henceforth, you may uncheck "Enable Involuntary Emotes" to opt out of involuntary emotes (emotes which another player is attempting to force you to execute).

When enabled, you will execute emotes when nearby players target you with emote inducing skills, such as Minstrel and Captain class skills, and festival item skills. This was the previous behavior for all players. Disabling “Enable Involuntary Emotes” will allow you to opt out of involuntary emotes (emotes which another player is attempting to force you to execute). Players who have disabled involuntary emotes are treated as immune to these effects. If you attempt to force such a player to execute an involuntary emote, you will see “Immune” appear briefly above them. Affected players will also see the “Immune” text when they resist an involuntary emote effect.

Dread on Defeat effects removed and Other Dread Changes
Players will no longer receive the dread effect when defeated. This applies to defeat dread only. Other forums of dead will continue to exist as before.
The Rouse Spirit perk has been removed in accordance with the removal of Defeat Dread.
Eglain Barterer, Fr'agyr, no longer offers Defeat Dread Removal Tokens.
As part of the Miss Chance revision, we have removed Miss Chance from non –defeat Dread.
Quests & Tasks advance in Raids.

There is no longer a concept of quests which can't be advanced when the player is in a raid. Any quest can now be advanced in a raid.
Completing Tasks should now work properly when in a raid group.
Monster Kill XP adjustments
XP from mobs that are more than 8 levels above has been zeroed out to prevent some extreme cases where scaling could provide unintended amounts of experience. Alienware Owners Players with Alienware Light FX compatible hardware will now see their computer lights turn red while in combat.

Release Notes
Fixed a bug that was causing monster damage to grow at exponential rates (leading to auto-attacks and standard skills that could potentially wipe groups).
“Stunland” (Dunland) Brigands, while very stunning, have been told that too much of a good thing is never good. As a result, they’ve agreed to do significantly less stun and much more fun!
The damage per second of level 85 weapons has increased, especially in regard to 2nd Age LIs.
XP from mobs that are more than 8 levels above has been zeroed out to prevent some extreme cases where scaling could provide unintended amounts of experience.
Fixed a few possible client crashes from dragging chat window over various UI panels.
The induction time on the application of heritage runes has been reduced.
Fellows who have not contributed to a monster kill will now get a chance for their own quest items similar to how normal item loot works.
Mordirith's Brand should no longer drop from locked lootboxes.
Riddermark-bound Lootboxes should no longer drop Golden Tokens of the Riddermark.
For every Skirmish Seal that you have in your inventory, there will be a one time conversion to Skirmish Medallions at a rate of 20 Medallions per 1 Seal.
Fixed a bug that could allow a player to complete a remote bestow quest objective while traveling, with strange results.
Fixed a bug that was causing the Coordination buff to be consumed if applied while currently inducting. The buff will now properly apply after the current induction has ended.
Medallions of the North-men no longer exist. Any existing ones will be automatically converted into 10 medallions apiece.
Conjunctions have had their power restore magnitudes increased slightly.
Changes to ALL Classes
Stat contributions are undergoing several changes:

Agility will now provide 1 point of crit rating whereas Fate will provide 2.5
Will will now provide 2 points of Tactical Mitigation to compensate for the loss of power contribution.
Wardens will now derive their mastery ratings from both Might and Agility. Once U11 hits, these ratings will only be derived from Agility.
Champions will now receive 6 points of Parry from Might rather than 4 points of Block and 2 points of Parry.
Power Pools have been adjusted.

Non-Will users will gain 50 points of power per level whereas Will users will receive 65.
Skill costs have been adjusted accordingly (based on Non-Will users' pools)
All skills have had their power costs adjusted to account for changes to Fate/ICPR. Several power restore skills/traits have also had their magnitudes adjusted for the time being as we continue to normalize Fate’s new contributions:


Increased application chance of Mischievous Delight to 50% and increased power restored

Slightly increased the power restore of Improved Defensive Strike
Reduced the Fate contribution from In Defence of Middle-Earth
Reduced the ICPR buff from Herald/Banner of Hope
Slightly Reduced the ICPR buff from Tactic-Focus and Song-Brother

Lowered the ICPR boost on all Champion stances as their effects were far too strong given the recent Fate revamp
Increased the cooldown of Second Wind to 20s
Reduced the ICPR provided by Controlled Burn

Increased the power restore on Deflected Blows and Parried Blows
Increased the power restore on Take to Heart and Thrill of Danger
Reduced the power restore on Catch a Breath

Reduced the power restore of Press Onward
Reduced the power restore of Strength of Earth slightly
Reduced the power return on Bow of the Righteous

Reduced power drain effect on Power of Knowledge
Slightly reduced power restore effect on Power of Knowledge
Channeling time has been reduced for Power of Knowledge from 17s to 8s (Untraited) and 25s
to 16s (Traited)

Reduced the Fate contribution from Tale of Heroism
Slightly decreased the power over time effect received from the Minstrel buff 'Vigour of the Minstrel'

Sustaining Bolt will now reduce power costs by 5% rather than 10%
Reduced the power heal on Rune of Restoration

Lowered the ICPR on the Warden stance 'Determination'
Increased the power restore on Dark Before Dawn
Class Specific Changes
The tooltip for the trait, "Quick of Foot" now accurately states that it reduces the cooldown of Stamp by 10s instead of 15s.
Changed the Minstrel skill “Song of Restoration” to remove one Poison, Disease, Fear, Wound effect from a single target and changed “Improved Song of Restoration” to remove one Poison, Disease, Fear, Wound effect from a 15m area. Previously, these skills were used solely to remove Dread from defeat, and we no longer apply Dread on defeat as of Update 10.
Improved Rune-sign of Flame: Miss Chance buff has been replaced with a buff that allows skills to Bypass 5% of their target's Resistances.
Scribe A New Ending: This skill now dispels 1 Poison, Disease, Wound, or Fear every two seconds, for six seconds from a target.
Deeds *Warden *Some Assailment skills were not properly advancing deeds. Assailment versions of skills should now advance deeds as intended.
Traits *Warden *The Trait "Skillful Blocking" is changing names to "Combat Positioning", and will now proc from Evades and Partial Evades instead of Blocks and Partial Blocks in keeping with the change from Might to Agility as a Primary Stat.
The following Warden armour sets have been converted to give Agility in place of Might:

Armour of the Tireless Sentinel
Armour of the Spear-way
Armour of the Fist-way
Armour of the Shield-way
Armour of the Aithlen
Armour of the Thamen
Armour of the Porbad
Armour of the Hytbold Spear
Armour of the Hytbold Shield
Armour of the Hytbold Fist
Armour of the Wall-warden (level 85)
Armour of the Spear-lord (level 75 and 85)
Armour of Solidarity (level 75 and 85)
Armour of Vigilance (level 75 and 85)
The Ettenmoors
Freep Battlefield Promotions
Freeps now gain a Battlefield Promotion effect for each PvMP Rank they earn.
Battlefield Promotions grant bonus Health, Power and Damage for each Glory Rank the player has.
Battlefield Promotions are only active while in the Ettenmoors.
Creeps have also undergone significant changes which include standardized un-traited power pools and adjustments to skill costs, restoration effects, and ICPR buffs on all skills to provide creeps with a similar treatment that the Freeps have received. With these changes, Creeps should find that they are able to actively participate in combat for longer periods of time. Although many restoration effects and buffs have been reduced, innate power expenditure should be at a much more manageable point.


Increased base ICPR rate
Increased the cooldown of Time-Out to 90s and reduced power return and ICPR buff
Decreased the power return of Wrath
Reduced the power restore of Against All Odds while traited

Reduced the power restore on Feast
Reduced the ICPR provided by Drinker of Blood

Increased base ICPR rate
Reduced the power restore on Centre
Reduced the ICPR provided by Tireless Warrior
Reduced the power drain effect on Toxin

Increased base ICPR rate
Decreased the ICPR provided by Command Post
Increased the power restored by Quitters Never Win
Reduced the ICPR provided by Empowering
Reduced the ICPR provided by Tireless Warrior

Increased base ICPR rate
Increased the ICPR provided by Shadow stance

Increased base ICPR rate
Reduced the power drain/restore effects on Plague of Flies
Six new Critical Rating Corruptions have been added to all Monsterplay classes.
Fixed a bug that prevented the Tracking Talisman Box from being usable by Creeps. These items can now be opened by all Creep players.
Lainedhal's Insignia and Ak’lhun's Brand (ranks 1 through 14) are now usable in combat, provide a break out of negative combat states and no longer grant any immunity. Their cooldowns have also been reduced.
Rank 15 versions of Lainedhal's Insignia and Ak’lhun's Brand immunity granted has been reduced to 10 seconds, down from 60. The cooldown has been reduced as well.
Ak’lhun's Brands and Mordirith's Brand now share a cooldown channel. Using one will put the other on cooldown.
The Spotted Warsteed and Orc Head on a Pike mounted cosmetics are back on the Warband lootboxes.
Fixed a bug that was prevented the Warg Pack members from performing a number of their combat actions.
PvMP *Items *Warden *Sealed Insignia of the Boar will now increase Boar's Rush Critical chance. Old Daze application chance was no longer valuable given changes to the Gambit.
PvMP *Items *Warden *Armour of Fror 4-piece Set Bonus will now increase Boar's Rush Critical chance. Old Daze application chance was no longer valuable given changes to the Gambit.
The Black Venom Weaver appearance trait was briefly applying an incorrect appearance. This has been changed back to the orriginal, intended appearance.
Fixed a bug that was giving new Creeps rank 9 food on creation. New Creeps should now receive the appropriate food.
Fixed a bug that was causing the Barter List Names to display the wrong item level.
Mounted Combat
Increased the potency of the Mounted Minstrel Skill ""Anthem of the Red Dawn"" to buff damage by 10% instead of 5%.
Increased Base Power Levels for War-Steeds (formerly 2175 for all 3 steeds, now 2500 for Light, 2350 for Medium, and 2250 for Heavy)
Altered the Medium Steed Traits ""Patience"" and ""Understanding"" to affect Mount Power Cost as well as Rider Power Cost
Altered the Heavy Trait ""Conservative Combatant"" to affect Mount Power Cost as well as Rider Power Cost
Lowered the Mount Power Cost for Mounted Burglar Skills ""Keen Strike"" and ""Jollification""
Lowered the Mount Power Cost for Mounted Hunter Skill ""Noble Arrow""
Lowered the Mount Power Cost for Mounted Runekeeper Skills ""Fixation of Flame"" and the ""Oration"" skills
The Champion's 'Boundless Fervour' mounted relic should now appropriately provide a 25% chance to maintain Fervour when using Recuperate, Destabilizing Strike, and Horn Blast
Mounted Combat: The War-steed's Power Trait will now reduce the cost of using Spur On. If Power is fully ranked up, there will be no additional power cost of using your skills. The Power trait will also decrease the power usage per second cost of using Spur On.
War-steed: The simple tail should now accept dyes correctly.
Mounted Combat: Guardian skill Driving Slash was not lowering monster armour correctly.
Mounted Combat: The visual effects for the Burglar skill All in the Wrist are now aligned correctly for hobbits.
Spotted War-steed trait and Orc Head on a Pike trait cannot be re-used if the character already has the trait.
Reduced the induction time on learning some new skills and trait from 10 seconds to 4 seconds.
Mounted Combat: Fixed a typo in the War-steed panel for Wardens. ""Wargen"" changed to ""Warden"".
Mounted Combat: Fixed an issue that caused some mounted monsters to exhibit super-awesome-speed when dismounted by water.
Mounted Combat: Uruk-hai Raider attacks will now animate when wielding a 1-handed weapon.
Fixed a bug that allowed users to deal trample damage to banners
Mounted enemies who have been dismounted will now mount up again when they reset
The Exalted Combatant Effect which is applied to Champions in Glory when they are traited 4 deep into the Martial Champion line is now correctly suppressed when the champion is mounted and reenabled when the champion dismounts.
The following Lore-master skills have undergone revision in Mounted Combat

Rohirrim Discipline: +200 War-steed Armour Rating has been replaced by +10% War-steed Morale
Riddermark Discipline: +10% War-steed Morale has been replaced with an increase to Power Cost Reduction (10% to 20%)
Mearas-lore: Cooldown has been increased to 30 seconds
In Rohirrim, targets damage and attack speed will be further decreased (10% to 20%)
In Riddermark, attacks will now have a 10% chance to dismount target for the next 10 seconds
In Red Dawn, target's tactical and physical mitigation will be further decreased (10% to 20%)
Bond of the Rider: Number of targets has been increased from 1 to 3 and an increased power restore while in Riddermark Discipline
Sign of Power: Inspiration: This skill is now a toggle
The following Hunter skills have been adjusted in Mounted Combat:

Rohirrim Discipline will now provide a bonus to evade chance rather than incoming healing.
Flay Open will now restore power to players, rather than morale (in Rohirrim).
Seeking Arrow will now restore morale to players, rather than power (in Rohirrim).
The following Mounted Combat traits/legacies/relics have had their critical rating contribution reduced:

Wrath trait (Light Steed): 25% to 15%
Light Bridle 'Wrath Crit Chance' Legacy: 10% to 5%
Insignia of the Steeled Mind (Warden): 10% to 5%
Insignia of Wrath (Captain): 10% to 5%
Insignia of Mounted Precision (Champion): 10% to 5%
Insignia of the Fighting Edge (Guardian): 10% to 5%
Insignia of Deadly Precision (Hunter): 10% to 5%

Sentient and non-sentient bosses within the crafting instances have a chance to drop the Ancient Riddermark scrollcases.
Level 75 instances will no longer drop the Store version of the Star-lit Crystal. They will continue to drop the in game version.
Quests and Deeds from the In Their Absence cluster now reward Medallions, in place of Medallions of the Northmen.
Existing Medallions of the Northmen are being converted into Medallions, at a rate of 1 Medallion of the Northmen = 10 Medallions
Level 75 content no longer gives Seals
Unhatched Spider Eggs and Orthanc Sigil Fragments may now exchange for Medallions, in place of Seals
Existing items which cost seals will either have the Seal cost converted to Medallions, or have an additional option added to exchange for Medallions
Level 85 1st Age Symbols are available on the Skirmish Barter vendors for Seals. They require completion of the new Erebor raids, with different costs based on the Tier of difficulty completed.
New gems have been added which may drop from the Erebor raids. These are fully tradeable, and used to upgrade the Rohan rings, new raid sets, and used in special crafting recipes.
The following instances now use Remote Looting and have new rewards, ranging from Rare quality through Legendary quality.

Library at Tham Mírdain
School at Tham Mírdain
Halls of Night
Inn of the Forsaken
Great Barrow: Sambrog
Great Barrow: The Maze
Great Barrow: Thadúr
Annuminas: Glinghant
Annuminas: Ost Elendil
Annuminas: Haudh Valandil
Fornost: Wraith of Water
Fornost: Wraith of Fire
Fornost: Wraith of Earth
Fornost: Wraith of Shadow
In Their Absence: Ost Dunhoth
In Their Absence: Sâri-surma
In Their Absence: The Northcotton Farm
In Their Absence: Lost Temple
In Their Absence: Stoneheight
Scaling Instances
Scaling instances now have separate reward chests for defeating bosses on tier 2, as well as an additional chest for completing the challenge objective on tier 2 at level cap. This affects the following scaled instances:

Great Barrows (all wings)
Annuminas (all spaces)
Fornost (all wings)
In Their Absence cluster (Stoneheight, Northcotton Farm, Sari-Surma, Lost Temple, and Ost Dunhoth).
In Their Absence Scaling
All In Their Absence instances can now be scaled up to level 85.
Various upgrades to enemy AI, and skill adjustments to meet modern instance standards (adjusted targeting, cooldowns, damage, etc.)
The challenge mode objective has been changed, and will now only affect the final boss
Bubhosh-grat has received some additional skills on tier 2
The first 2 bosses will now receive buffs if there corruptions are removed on tier 2
Northcotton Farm:
The cauldron encounter will now occur at the end of the instance after the battle with Thadur.
Trash monsters have had their poison glow effects toned down
A contextual quickslot has been added to the cauldron fight to allow easier access to a /slap button
The challenge mode has been changed, and will now only affect the final boss
Osan will now spawn more adds when the previous ones are defeated, if they are defeated faster than the timer
Drugoth’s possession skill will now deal damage over time, but the skill will be used less frequently once disrupted
Lost Temple:
Some boss deeds may fail and rebestow if they were currently underway, due to versioning.
A gate has been added to allow faster access to Ferndur from the entrance once the mini-bosses have been defeated
Ferndur will now cover his arena in deadly poison clouds if players take too long to defeat him on tier 2.
Ost Dunhoth:
The Raid has been split into 3 wings, each of which can be access via world join once pre-requisites have been met.
The landscape entrance will now open only the Wound/Fear wing. Other wings must be acessed through the Instance Join UI.
The boss of the Fear Wing has 2 new skills, which apply curable, ranged, damage over time effects
Iorbar's Peak
The two Dourhand brawlers talking at the base of the mountain will now attack intruders on sight.
The Farms of the Norcrofts
Mobs within the instance no longer drop currency.

Legendary Items
Standardized the names of Tier 1 through Tier 9 relics. This should make it a little easier to tell what the main stat is when selecting a sealed relic from a quest reward.
Slightly lowered the amount of xp on the heritage runes received when refining relics. The amount of xp will increase as the level/tier of the relic being refined increases.
Lower tiered crafted armor has undergone some re-leveling to make the armor levels within each crafting tier consistent. Crafted Light and Medium armor within these tiers has also had some of their stats replaced with stats more beneficial to the classes they support.
The Tarnished Crests of Rohan can now be found on the Crafting Skirmish Barter Vendors.
Crafting XP values are being adjusted down.
Crafting Guild Reputation Items are now only useable by players who are actively a member of the respective Crafting Guild.
No more having to travel out of town to make that tasty trail food treat! Cooks will now be able to use ovens, as well as campfires, to make their trail foods.
Recipes for First Age weapons and class items can now be found on the Legendary Craft Guild NPCs.
The Seer's Orb has been changed from the Small Furniture category to the Thin Furniture category.
Exciting new words have been added to the patch notes here because, well, they’re exciting!
Armor Sets
Armor sets which give players skill modifying set bonuses have been altered. They will no longer give players stat boosts in addition to skill modifying bonuses. In addition, skill modifying bonuses have been standardized to be on the 2-set and 4-set bonuses. This allows for greater freedom in variety for what the player can wear, and allows for equipment to be upgraded without worrying about losing additional stats from set bonuses, which were becoming increasingly more powerful with each set.
The Hytbold and level 85 Ettenmoors sets have seen their stats change to reflect the Fate alterations.
New level 85 armor sets have been added to the Skirmish Vendors
The level 65 Ost Dunhoth sets may now be purchased with Marks and Medallions at the vendors in Enedwaith
Armour Set bonuses that reduce the cooldown of Escape from Darkness have been unified to a reduction of 150s each. This is being done to prevent Escape From Darkness cooldown being reduced to 0s.
User Interface
The use of the Revival Service will no longer log "You Succumb to Your Wounds" in the chat window. Instead it will report that you have been revived.
Changing tooltips for skills, items, and effects to more consistently use red to indicate harmful things.
The ""Find Items"" feature now darkens the non-matching items and bag icons instead of using the ""New Item"" swirlies.
There are two new chat text filters: Loot ( Self ) and Loot ( Fellow ). Loot notification messages for you and your fellows will go to these filters and you can change their font/size in the Options/Chat panel.
Certain friendly NPCs will now once again show their quest rings on the radar.
Graphics and Effects
Resolved a number of issues with openGL rendering.
Effect icons and map notes should no longer flicker when running with DX10 and DX11.
The drama sequence toward the end of the Book I, Volume 11 Chapter 4 instance has been made completeable once again.
Fixed a number of typos in the Lone-lands, Volume I Book 13, and Volume III Book 8.
Frodo claimed to be a Man, not a hobbit, during Volume III Book 7. We told him he was wrong. Very, Very wrong.
Reminded Acca how to start his session play in Volume III Book 4 Chapter 23, 'The Wizard's Vale.'
Quest rings should now properly show up for Laeglang and Ningloril if you out level their Epilogue quests in Mirkwood.
Volume I, Book 4, Chapter 5, * Switched the quest item that shows up on the quest tracker to reduce confusion.
Putting weapons back in the hands of sparring partners in the Volume III, Book 8, Chapter 10 instance.
Rioc wasn't properly delivering his lines in 'At the Stone of Erech.' Now he will!
Lone-lands: Quest counts have been lowered for a number of quests (eg. Instead of kill 24 wights, it's now kill 10.) Quest kills should now be in the 8-12 range, which we feel is a more reasonable number.
Angmar monster-kill quests have been adjusted to have shorter objectives and higher drop rates for quest items. (This change affects mostly solo quests.)

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