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re: My Elven Hunter Build (Calddir)

Originally posted by Calddir

Here is my build I currently use. Let me state first off my ideology behind my sort of hunter. DPS, agro management and survivability. I operate on the philosophy that suggests that I kill it before it kills me. On a fellowship, I need to kill it while drawing the least amount of attention to myself in the process. I am definitely not an expert, but have hunted for a bit and thought I would share what I have learned from other hunters more experienced than I.

Like most aspects of this game, there is no perfect character build, but this one works well for me in most circumstances, i.e. solo and fellowship questing, instance runs, skirmishes and most raids.

Race Traits
Tactics and Conviction bonus
Friend of Man
Elf Bow Damage bonus
Elf one handed Sword damage bonus
Power of the Eldar

Regular Build for daily use

Watcher raid build
Compassion (trade max power (honesty) for ranged def)

Shadow instance/raid build
Fidelity (trade max power (honesty) for shadow def)

Class Traits
Swift and True (BM)
True Shot (BM)
Shot through the Heart (BM)
Quality of Mercy (BM)
Critical Eye (BM)
Deadly Precision (BM)
Strong Draw (HT)

Legendary Traits
Bow of the Righteous
Rain of Thorns
Bards Arrow

Weapon Systems

The bow
I usually have one main bow that is heavy on crit that I use for most everything. It usually scrolled with beleriand damage and focused on orcs or undead. However, sometimes, an enemy will need special damage types to be most effective. Thus, I also level up and configure a second bow, one with preferably westernesse just in case I need it. (Which, there have been times I am glad to have it)

The melee wep
I keep two leveled up melee weps. One for soloing and one for fellowshiping. My solo wep is focused on melee crit, maxed out dps, and such. Relics reflect the focus as well... melee crit, morale boost, etc.

Whereas, my fellow wep is focused on aux legacies that help me when fellowing, no points in dps at all, rather maxed out legacies such as beneath notice cooldown, desperate flight, run speed modifiers, etc and the relics reflect similar focus.. fate, ranged crit relics, etc.

The off-hand wep and jewellry
Same story, usually I have two arrangements to choose from.. one focusing on that which I need for solo play and one that helps me more on fellowships.

Bottom line of the story is that keeping a flexibility to your equipment and builds helps you become an even better hunter than you already are!

Play Tactics
One very important aspect to being a hunter on a fellowship is to manage agro. Basically, we neither want or need it under normal circumstances. One neat trick I use to manage agro is to configure the game to highlight the target of whoever I have targeted. If i am targeting an enemy, I can see immediately who he is targeting.. normally the guardian or other tanker. If he switches target to me, the indicator tells me immediately that I need to hit beneath notice or pull back my DPS a bit. Maybe even take a break for a second or two and allow the guardian or tank to regain agro before resuming my barrage of arrows.

To configure this.. check the box.. 'show vitals of selections target' in the combat options of your options menu in the game.

Again, these are the virtues and traits that I have settled into. Just to help new folks get an idea of what other elven hunters are doing. Definitely not the only build. There are many roads to fun and success in this game!

Ride Safe and Have Fun!



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