Swifty & Hammo is a casual kinship that raids and sees everything in the game. We are in no rush to be 'first' and there are no pressures to level quickly nor do we require you to log in a certain amount of time. Take your time and enjoy Middle-Earth and don't forget to stop and smell eat the pie.

We welcome new players as well as veterans of LOTRO and you will find it a simple matter to get help with that troublesome quest. Raiding is open to all members as long as you use our Raid signup tool.

Swifty & Hammo is also well-known for our server events. We host public trivia contests, parades, races, and lots of ale and pipeweed.

If you are a mature individual and think you would be a good fit with Swifty & Hammo, feel free to fill out our application today!Pie?